#dostbyloplastu – Enough with plastic!


The European Parliament is currently working on a legislation regarding Single-use plastics and fishing gear. The purpose is take some actions to reduce marine litter (a briefing document is available here). While Europe waits for this new legislation, Mgr. Richard Brabec, Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic (Ministerstvo životního prostředí MZP) proposed a new campaign #dostbyloplastu (in English „Enough with plastic“).

Plastic Litter on the Beach.

Plastic Litter on the Beach.

Goal of the campaign

The campaign aims to enhance people awareness about the plastic pollution problem, by preventing usage (and therefore waste) of single-use plastic. Further information on the campaign in czech language can be found here: www.dostbyloplastu.cz.

#dostbyloplastu campaign banner

#dostbyloplastu campaign banner

How and where

Due to this campaign, alternatives will be provided with voluntary agreements signed from some companies. The latters will offer discounts for coffees to customers who use their own mug, may actively discourage use of plastic straws, and propose a deposit for porcelain in exchange of plastic containers.

Since take-away food and coffee is widespread mainly in the big cities, campaign advertisements are placed in the cities of Prague and Brno, but additional municipalities will be involved soon.

Logo and banner have been kindly provided from the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic (MZP), and last press release from MZP can be found here.


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